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In 2011, a group of teachers and parents reimagined what preparatory education could be. We created a vibrant learning environment around an established curriculum and focused on smaller class sizes. We gave teachers freedom to teach creatively and bring education to life, hoping to instill a love of learning in every child. 

We thought if we could refresh education

increase transparency, add flexibility, and focus on creating a positive learning environment - both teachers and students would thrive. And boy, were we right! 

In nine short years, we are so proud of what Smoke Rise Prep has become. 

  • We became fully Accredited with Quality in October 2019

  • We have 11 full-time teachers on staff who are all state-certified, with 18.3 average years of experience

  • Our students across grades test consistently higher than local, county, and state averages

  • Most of our classrooms contain Smart Boards.

  • We have 1:1 Technology for each student in the form of Chromebooks.


And the best part is, after a short time at SRP, we consistently hear from parents that they have seen a transformation in students who were less confident and less engaged in other learning environments. We hear every day how students have really connected with education again and have rediscovered their love of learning here.

Now that's refreshing education. 

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