All students are required to wear uniforms daily.  We have several shirts to chose from. SRP families are required to purchase 1 black polo and 1 field trip shirt(available only at Patricia's Spirit Wear)-all other shirt options are up to your personal preferences.


These are the shirts the kids will be expected to wear daily as well as on field trips and/or special events. On Fridays, students are allowed to dress out of uniform, provided they adhere to the dress code in the handbook. Please use the following vendors to ensure your student adheres to SRP dress standards, while allowing for comfort, style, and individuality. No open toed shoes will be allowed unless it is a special event (honors day, water day, graduation, school dance) 


Preferred Vendors:


Patricia's Spirit Wear - Patricia's is our preferred local vendor. You can click here to order.                                                                                                      Patricia's Spirit Wear is now open until midnight on 8/15/2021.                                                                                                              Our next webstore will not open again until the end of semester 1. 


                                    *Field trips shirts are only available through Patricia's Spirit Wear*

Land's End Website -  You may order uniforms through their website, using this link and using our vendor code 900148594.                                               Please note that although Land’s End offers pants/shorts/skirts, you are not required to purchase bottoms                                       from them. Our shirt colors are cobalt blue, black, grey, white, and now, evergreen! Land's End orders                                             can be made all year so if your child has a sudden growth spurt, no need to worry!                                                                                                         

On occasion, we will select seasonal shirts which will be optional for our families to purchase.