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Uniform Link

Embroidered Uniform

Once on the site click on "Find your School"

Click on "Enter School Number"

Tye in school number: 900148594

Please note that although Land’s End offers pants/shorts/skirts, you are not required to purchase bottoms from their site. Our shirt colors are cobalt blue, black, grey, white. Lands’ End orders can be made all if your child has a sudden growth spurt, no need to worry!

Spirit Wear Links

Patricia's Spirit Wear

The process for ordering Spirit Wear involves filling out a questionnaire. The orders are anticipated to be delivered by August 3rd, 2023 at SRP Open House.

Customized uniforms and spirit wear are available for purchase through the website, with an option for parents to have their order delivered directly to the school. Orders can be made at any time throughout the year, and typically takes14 days from order placement to delivery at the school.

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