Because our staff works with students in small classes and individually, our students are uniquely positioned to excel academically while developing character and personal responsibility in a highly creative, challenging, and hands-on learning environment. In grades K-5, our teachers use curriculum from Houghton Mifflin, Studies Weekly, DGP, as well as supplementary material and activities. In grades 6-8, we utilize a multi-tiered approach to education by partnering with Georgia Connections Academy. This provides additional layers of resources for gifted and accelerated students as well as for struggling students that may need additional support. This combination results in engaged students who are invested in personal achievement with the support and flexibility to learn at an accelerated pace.

The Secret Sauce

Our model is unique because each aspect is crucial to student success. Smoke Rise Prep provides certified or degreed teachers and advanced learning opportunities. Our parents play an integral role providing volunteer hours to the school and staying involved in the students' learning experiences. Our students play a part as well! They enjoy coming to school, are encouraged to do their best and take control of their learning, and know that they are in a safe and caring environment.

With all of these components working together, we are able to provide a unique and dynamic approach to education where parents are informed and welcome, students are happy and engaged, and teachers are creative and supported.