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SRP: Back in School!

SRP: Back in School!

By Grier Kellett

Published in the September edition of the Smoke Signal

Smoke Rise Prep (K-8), Stone Mountain’s best kept secret, focuses on the core values of character, culture, and curriculum. In order to shape well-rounded students, our teachers and parents create an atmosphere that aligns with those core values. One way that we accomplish this is to create a healthy balance between academic rigor and enriching activities.          

Smoke Rise Prep is back in school!  We are implementing a phased in hybrid model. Our elementary students had an option to begin in person or virtually on August 19. Our middle will be given the same options after Labor Day. Our school is rigorously following all CDC-recommended safety precautions.  All students, faculty, and staff must wear masks (with daily mask breaks), social distance, wash hands frequently, and receive daily temperature checks. Our number #1 priority is providing a quality education as safely as possible while providing flexible options according to our families’ comfort levels. 

Smoke Rise Prep operates on a 4-day academic week, Monday to Thursday, with Fridays being Enrichment Days from home. Our teachers have been busy preparing engaging, project-based lessons that will challenge your students both in person and virtually.  Our small class sizes create the optimal learning environment for your child. 

To hear more about specific grade levels and to learn about additional offerings, contact Spaces are limited!

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