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Spooky Fun Run 2020

Our Spooky Fun Run occurred on October 21 and it was a success! This year, instead of running in a circular lane, we created vertical lanes so that students would be able to run without masks safely. We also ran one grade at a time to reduce the number of people on the track. Our virtual learners had the option of coming to the school to run or competing in a virtual run. We invited our parents, guardians, and supporters out to cheer on our kids. What a sight it was to see parents and staff out there running with the kids when they got tired and needed a little pick me up. Our students are still collecting donations until November 18 so it's not too late to donate. All that collect $100 or more will have breakfast with our principal, Ms. Waddell, and the top donor will get to pick a friend to silly string her during an outdoor assembly. Great job to all the participants!

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