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Smoke Signal Writing Contest

This month we are having a middle school writing competition! Please read the two entries below on “What Makes Smoke Rise Prep Middle School Different,” and vote for your favorite one at our home page. Cast your vote until January 31 and check back for updates in February for the winner.

Shandon P. (6th grade)


SRP is a well-rounded private school. SRP has great teachers that are useful with our hard work. They care for us, they make our lives easier, and they’re funny and serious. The school makes everyone feel greeted and loved. More people want to come here and support us. We have fun activities such as P.E., Health, Spanish, and Life Prep. When it is the holidays, we go up to the Fellowship Hall where people perform their talents and eat together. We have events outside of the school day like Bingo Night, festivals, and fundraisers. We also have clubs. They entertain kids, so they learn how they can do different things and apply it to their lives. We also go on field trips because they help educate us, have fun, and enjoy ourselves.

Riley S. (6th grade)

“Why Smoke Rise Prep Middle School is Special”

As this year is my first year in middle school, I didn't know what to expect. It was far from what I thought might happen, but in the best way possible. The teachers at SRP middle are fun and engaging. Not only that, but there are less than 40 students in the entire middle school. This allows for real friendship between students. For children who go above and beyond in the academic world, all grades have at least 2 advanced classes. (6th/ 7th grade: ELA and math, 8th: science, ELA, and math). Generally, there are 4 to 7 students in these advanced classes, allowing one-on-one learning opportunities. We have many specials classes at SRP, such as P.E., Spanish, art, and health. All these things, my teachers, my studies, and my friends, have made this year of sixth grade wonderful. Personally, I want to thank Mrs. Waddell, our amazing principal, for continuing to take care of such a wonderful school.

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