Hello! I am Lisa Khemani, co-founder and current Executive Director at Smoke Rise Prep.

In  2011, after spending years serving on different Boards of Directors in local schools, I recognized that there are several critical components in the current public education model that are crippling the ability of individual school administrators to provide the best education possible for today's students. Principals are restricted from implementing effective disciplinary actions; schools cannot force parents to participate in their child's education;  and most importantly, schools do not have the resources to establish appropriate teacher/student ratios, or to engage each individual student. 


In my observations, a typical classroom contained over 30 students, with one or two students consistently acting out and disrupting the teacher's ability to deliver quality instruction in the hour allotted for each class. Gifted students were often bored, struggling students were unable to receive individual attention, and parents often felt "out of touch" with what their children were learning each day. I knew there had to be a better way.

 I approached other parents in the community and learned that a friend had enrolled her children in an online public charter school, and was planning to start in the fall. We briefly considered a group homeschooling model, but decided instead to hire Georgia certified teachers to instruct our children each day, using the excellent curriculum provided by our public state charter school.

This led to the creation of Smoke Rise Prep, and since that day, we have been dedicated to creating relationships with each student and their family, maintaining small classrooms, transparency, honest communication, and high expectations for discipline. We help students become independent, motivated learners who enjoy coming to school each day.

 I am delighted that you stopped by our site, and would love to for you to come see us in action!

Please contact us today to set up a tour!