Our staff of highly experienced, certified educators bring passion and creativity to the classroom. Our teachers love working at Smoke Rise Prep and we love our teachers.

Elementary School

Jennifer Castleberry

Kindergarten Teacher

“I love the small class sizes at Smoke Rise Prep. I can really get to know the kids and give them individualized attention. I love that the families are so involved and that we get to know each other so well. I also love that we spend time trying to grow each student as a whole person.” 

1st Grade Teacher

“Teaching elementary school is my passion. Teaching first and second grade at Smoke Rise Prep gives me the opportunity to help each student build foundational skills individually in a loving and positive environment. Working here is a little slice of paradise."

     2nd Grade Teacher

nakeba_pic 1.jpg

I am excited to be at Smoke Rise Prep! Everyone is welcoming and I am excited for this new adventure. With a class that are ready and willing to thrive in the new norm, I am committed to giving each student that personal attention and focus they need to flourish as a student. 

Elizabeth Davis

3rd Grade Teacher


Having taught every grade between Pre-K and 5th in both private and public school settings, I have developed a first-hand appreciation for what excites and engages diverse elementary school children of every age. With a small class this year, I am committed to giving each child personal attention and a focus on what makes them each special. I’m greatly looking forward to working with the children, parents, and faculty of Smoke Rise Prep! 

Elementary Lead

4th Grade Teacher

"At Smoke Rise Prep, we are blessed to have small classrooms. I can give students individual attention as needed. SRP gives me the flexibility to teach the curriculum in a fun way. If I want to travel to the playground to teach a lesson, I can."

5th Grade Teacher

"Smoke Rise Prep is a family in which everyone contributes, and everyone benefits! Our students grow in academic, physical, social, and character realms because of our nurturing and consistent environment. We have more project-based learning, more hands-on learning, and more off-campus learning because we have manageable class sizes and supportive, helpful families. 

Middle School

Middle School Lead

ELA Teacher

"The Smoke Rise Prep learning community seeks to engender a sense of academic responsibility within our students through the use of a rich, rigorous curriculum. Students advocate for themselves, and faculty and administration facilitate the learning process. As a teacher, I love having such small classrooms with a diversity of students, all of whom strive to support each other socially and academically. I am pleased to be a part of a supportive team of colleagues and empowered young learners."

6th-8th grade Math


"I have a student centered philosophy that focuses on teachers being facilitators as students discover their own understanding. With small class sizes, I can incorporate this into my math class by giving the students more input in the lessons, providing leadership opportunities, and making the curriculum relevant. With the small sizes at Smoke Rise Prep, eager students, and supportive staff, I can make magic happen!"

 6th-8th Grade Social Studies/ 9th Grade Physical Science


 "As a teacher I love Smoke Rise Prep. Our small class sizes give me opportunities to really get to know my students, meet their needs, and make sure everyone is understanding the material at hand. I love that I am able to expand on a topic and bring it to life with hands on activities such as labs and field trips. Our teachers inspire and motivate our students and our students always rise to to meet our high expectations we have of them. We are a close community and when you are here, you are family."

6th-8th Science/ 9th Grade Algebra 1


"One of my favorite things about SRP is the tight-knit community feel. There is continual support and communication between parents and teachers to ensure student success. The teachers, staff members and volunteers are committed to and passionate about making SRP a safe, creative place for students to flourish."

School Counselor

"I love being a part of Smoke Rise Prep. What I love about my school is that it provided me with the opportunity several years ago, as a mentor and a graduate student, to start the now thriving Counseling program. I love that through my teaching and guidance, I have been able to develop authentic, honest relationships with students, parents and teachers. These relationships are centered around being the best person by getting (academic and character-based) education, encouragement, and a family-centered focus that benefits the growth of the whole individual. This opportunity and all that it continues to offer is a great testament to the caring environment that Smoke Rise Prep offers their families. Smoke Rise Prep’s unique environment continues to make it an outstanding school!"