Elementary Foundations is our commitment to challenging Kindergarten through 5th grade students academically while sparking a love of learning for a lifetime.


Our Elementary Foundations approach brings foundational basics to life through engaged learning and hands-on projects in a loving environment. An average school day may involve building simple machines with weights and pulleys, experimenting with states of matter in our science lab, or planting a garden outside to learn about the life cycle of plants - and eating the "fruits" of our labor. We may study animal life cycles by caring for meal worms and observing which habitat helps them grow faster and hammer nails into boards to learn about force. On any given day, a walk outside or sidewalk chalk long division may become the "classroom." 

Our classes are small, focused, and diverse. We encourage students to build solid friendships share and respect each other's viewpoints. We take time to engage each student, challenge critical thinking, and bring foundational skills to life through meaningful discussions.

Throughout all subject areas, we write. Throughout all elementary grades, we learn writing from brainstorming to final draft and incorporate writing into math, science, and all areas of learning. Not only do we work on the steps of the writing process, but we believe that students should also be given the time to free write by using techniques such as Snapple Writing, journal writing, or 5 min Free Writing. Students are also given opportunities to share their formal and informal writing in publishing parties or circle time.


At Smoke Rise Prep, we nurture basic skills, critical thinking, self confidence, and take a personal investment in each child. 


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