Our students benefit from the challenging curriculum, hands-on learning, and high expectations in a structured and loving environment. They also benefit from creative and physical outlets led by our amazing specialist teachers. This combination results in engaged students who are invested in personal achievement, are self aware, and are able to think critically and creatively.


With the Roomers and Zoomers, art had to make some adjustments! Our art teacher hosts virtual sessions for students at home and in person sessions for students at school. Units include drawing techniques, watercolors, abstract art, and more!

Girl Power
SRP Life Prep

This special is relatively new for middle school. We focus on ways to be successful in life, team building, service projects, and many other things. Our goal is to teach students skills that are not explicitly taught ranging from cooking to finance. 


It is very important that kids have time to exercise, move around, and get the blood pumping. Each day in person students have a 45 minutes block of time where kids can play, dance, stretch, exercise and just plain MOVE AROUND. We encourage students at home to use this time to exercise and step away from the screen as well.


Our counselor and her intern see students during the week for a social-emotional check in. They may log in to morning meetings to check in, observe in classrooms, encourage new students, and support students that feel isolated and anxious. In elementary school, we focus on social/emotional learning by using team building activities, songs, and games. In middle school, health focuses on many issues including, but not limited to, diversity, internet safety, and healthy peer relationships.