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       "I find the academic environment to be challenging and fast-paced with teachers who think and teach outside the box. This type of teaching has led our children to be better problem solvers who take great pride in being independent learners. The teachers are passionate and accessible. The culture in the school is one of high parental involvement and children who show respect to adults and their peers... allowing the teachers to focus on work and not social issues."

SRP parent

"The atmosphere and caring are unlike anywhere else... The teachers and staff truly care for my children as their own. They have taught my children to be independent thinkers and to stand up for what they believe, all with a nurturing and caring attitude. My daughter is leaving this year after finishing her 8th grade and no matter where we end up for High School, she will be prepared and a stronger person after her years here."

SRP Parent

My son was a struggling reader and was rapidly starting to dislike school. His teacher worked diligently with me on strategies for success and the counselor worked with our entire family on things we could implement at home. They were concerned with the whole child and were consistent in their efforts. He has made a complete turnaround and he is doing great in school. Thank you so much!!!!

SRP parent

"Thank you again for all that you do. [My wife] and I couldn't be happier with the way you care for and help develop our children. We feel blessed and lucky to be part of S.R.P"

SRP Parent​

I love Smoke Rise Prep. Smoke Rise Prep allows me the opportunity to be very involved in my child's education.  Smoke Rise Prep is the village I want to help me take my child from a dependent learner to an independent learner.         

SRP Parent 

I miss the staff and teachers !!!!   [I] do hope things are settling down and going well for all of you. We are getting somewhat accustomed to going to "BIG" school.  Our son seems to be holding his own and is adjusting quite well. 

Please pass along our good wishes to all who know us. Thank you for all that you have done for our family.

 SRP Alum Parent

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