Students Should Enjoy Learning

Our students benefit from the challenging curriculum, hands-on learning, and high expectations in a structured and loving environment. They also benefit from creative and physical outlets led by our amazing specialist teachers. This combination results in engaged students who are invested in personal achievement, are self aware, and are able to think critically and creatively.



Laptop Writing

We're in the age of computers and technology and students need to learn how to properly use them. Starting in Kindergarten, students learn Microsoft Office suite, digital publishing, typing, study skills, and many other aspects.


Get up and move! Whether it's basketball, tennis, soccer, cardio, or games, our PE teacher has engaging activities designed to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. 


Our STEM special provides hands on, project based learning labs that correlate with the curriculum in grades K-5. Students work on science labs, the scientific method, team building exercises, cooperative learning, and engineering concepts. 


Take a journey through art history and learn about various time periods and significant artists. Students in grades 6-8 will learn art techniques and create a variety of artwork for their portfolio.


Hola! Spanish starts in kindergarten. By 8th grade, students are eligible take Spanish 1 for a high school credit. Throughout the year, students learn foundations and conversational Spanish. You may see them perform recitations and performances throughout the year as well as take field trips to Spanish restaurants and plays where they have the opportunity to practice speaking and listening in Spanish.

Girl Power
SRP Life Prep

This special is relatively new for middle school. We focus on ways to be successful in life, team building, service projects, and many other things. Our goal is to teach students skills that are not explicitly taught ranging from cooking to finance. 


Once a week our elementary students go to the school library and have a quiet space to read, check out books, or work on class research projects. We love book donations!


Our counselor sees all students during the week for health. In elementary school, we focus on social/emotional learning by using team building activities, songs, and games. In middle school, health focuses on many issues including, but not limited to, diversity, internet safety, and healthy peer relationships. 

Brown Bag Series/ Student Market

This is not an elective but once a month, students in grades 4-8 bring a lunch and talk to entrepreneurs from the community. Topics this year include understanding entrepreneurship, knowing your audience, marketing, budget, and making your product stand out. The goal is for students to receive instruction on entrepreneurship principles. In the spring, students debut polished products in the student market and to use these principles to make an impact in their community.