Math Notebook and Calculator


In middle school, students have the opportunity to work ahead and reach their full academic potential.

In 6th grade, qualifying students may take accelerated math. For accelerated math, students take 2 years of math instruction during their 6th grade year.

In 7th grade, students continue on this track and new students may join if they were on a similar track from their outgoing school. Students are also identified as candidates to take advanced ELA in their 8th grade year. 


By 8th grade, students on this accelerated track math track take Algebra 1. In 8th grade, eligible students may also take 9th grade Literature, Biology, and/or Spanish (depending on the interest). Students have the option at the end of the course to accept the Carnegie Credit. Alumni of SRP have continued on accelerated tracks in their public high school and may start off 9th grade with anywhere from 1-4 Carnegie Credits. 

A full description of the courses, fees, and FAQs can be found here.