2018-2019 Fees

Elementary School
Kindergarten Tuition- $7000

Grades 1-5 Tuition- $7550

Middle School
Tuition- $8000

Registration Fee           $ 250/student/year

Administrative Fee       $ 200/family/semester

Technology Fee           $ 100/family/semester

Activities                       $   50/student/year (Elementary)

                                     $   65/student/year (Middle)

​Art Fee                          $  30/student/year

Advanced Academics                    

Fee (MS only)               $ 1000/course/year

Tuition policy

Parents must understand that as a requisite of enrollment, a tuition contract must be signed and kept on file by the school. By signing the tuition contract, parents understand that they are liable for the entire tuition amount for the school year regardless of whether they attend the school for the entire school year. By agreeing to pay tuition and fees to the school, parents also understand that Smoke Rise Prep will be entitled to recover from parents its reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in enforcing the tuition agreement and all outstanding principal and interest then due and payable, in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 13-1-11. 
All tuition and fees paid to SRP are nonrefundable.  

Payment Options
  • Annually

    • Full payment of tuition is due by June 15th.

  • Bi-Annually

    • 50% tuition is due by June 1 

    • Remaining 50% is due December 1 

  • **Monthly

    • 10 monthly payments as follows:
      • Payment 1 due June 1​
      • Payments 2-10 due August 1 through April 1

       **Installment fees apply

All families will be required to set up a payment plan through FACTS Tuition Management System, there will be no exceptions. FACTS is responsible for collecting all tuition and incidental charges each school year.  Click here to sign up for FACTS.

A credit card payment option is available; however, FACTS charges a processing fee of 2.75% for credit card payments. In order to avoid paying the processing fee you will need to link your checking account to your payment plan. 


Automatic withdrawal will be the only means of payment accepted for monthly plans. Failure to remit payments in a timely manner may result in a late fee and if consistent, student withdrawal from the school. Official transcripts, GACA books, and/or report cards will be held until tuition payments are current or an alternate payment plan has been approved by the Executive Director.