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Small highly engaged classes and attention to each child’s development

With a maximum class size of 14, our instructors are able to connect with each student individually to guide their academic success. 

Our Commitment to Each Student’s Success...

"Thank you again for all that you do. [My wife] and I couldn't be happier with the way you care for and help develop our children. We feel blessed and lucky to be part of S.R.P"

​                              SRP Parent

"The atmosphere and caring is unlike anywhere else.... The teachers and staff truly care for my children as their own. They have taught my children to be independent thinkers and to stand up for what they believe, all with a nurturing and caring attitude. My daughter is leaving this year after finishing her 8th grade and no matter where we end up for High School, she will be prepared and a stronger person after her years here."

​                              SRP Parent

A true community school built on a foundation of family involvement

​SRP was founded by parents and teachers in 2011.  Parental commitment is the foundation of our success. 

We are a leading elementary and middle cooperative school in Atlanta, reaching beyond the traditional classroom and applying rigorous academic challenges in meaningful real-world experiences.

Projects and experiences that foster creativity and critical thinking

​SRP students are engaged in academics through hands-on activities that connect lessons to their individual interests and talents. 

Our Mission is to develop students who think critically and act responsibly.  We accomplish this by providing a unique and dynamic approach to education that stimulates minds while developing the values of responsible citizenship and respect for others.  Our staff members partner with students, parents, and community members to promote a challenging, nurturing, and creative environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning in our children.


       "I find the academic environment to be challenging and fast-paced with teachers who think and teach outside the box. This type of teaching has lead our children to be better problem solvers who take great pride in being independent learners. The teachers are passionate and accessible. The culture in the school is one with high parental involvement, respectful children who show respect to adults and their peers. Therefore, allowing the teachers to focus on work and not social issues."

​                         SRP parent

Dedication to our Mission Statement

Fully transparent academic rigor lead by our highly-qualified, state-certified teaching staff

Meet our staff...

Strong emphasis on personal responsibility and code of behavior

Where Students Love To Learn